Noble gift packaging is the leading supplier of jewelry displays, jewelry and gift packaging, tools

and supplies in North America. We have been in business for 35 years offering a complete product

line with extremely competitive pricing and extraordinary service and quality. At Noble, we pride

ourselves on being focused on quality, design, pricing and customer satisfaction.

We are all concerned and feeling the effects from the recent changes of packaging being assessed

a 25% tariff out of China. We understand it’s bothersome and acknowledge the frustrations relating

to importing from China. We are currently in the process of aggressively sourcing new vendors

outside of China who can provide the same excellent quality along with tariff free merchandise.

We anticipate this happening by February 2020.

Noble's added value is still being competitive even with this 25% tariff. That being said (tariff of not)

it's still the bottom line that counts! Noble still offers competitive pricing in the marketplace, the

largest in stock inventory, exceptional quality, excellent customer service and the fastest lead times

in the business.


Largest Product Selection


Choose from over 25,000+ stocked, ready-to-ship products and benefit from fast, reliable and cost-effective shipping options.

Access a huge selection of must-haves items such as luxury jewelry boxes, high-end gift bags, pouches, and many more.


Excellent Customer Service


Opt for our enthusiastic team of sales and support staff across the globe, to provide a quick and helpful solution or critical assistance.

With a combination of packaging and business management expertise, our sales and internal management teams ensure your package reaches on time, every time.


Secure Warehousing and Inventory Management


Does your business need a regular supply of products, but you have no space to manage it all? Go for our secure warehousing and timely inventory management services.

We stock a complete inventory of all your required supplies and even offer door-to-door delivery services, all at short notice.


Superior Quality


We are obsessive about quality. We pick and offer only high quality products to our customers.

Our commitment to craftsmanship and quality has always been at the core of Noble Gift Packaging.


We are all looking forward for the United States to remove the Tariff charge.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us: 1-800-864-7675 or by email: